New Melle Fire

NMFPD Annual Safety/Service Awards Meeting

On Saturday, March 27, 2010, the Board, officers, firefighters and guests of the New Melle FPD gathered for their annual Safety/Service Awards Meeting, which includes the recognition of 2009 service year contributions.

Angie Wittmus, teacher at Daniel Boone Elementary and recipient of NMFPD special award for her action in aiding student Dylan Busken.

The annual NMFPD Firefighter of the Year Award was presented to a special non-department recipient this year, Ms. Angie Wittmus, a teacher at the Daniel Boone Elementary School in New Melle.  Ms. Wittmus was honored by the department for her quick action and skill in successfully applying the Heimlich maneuver to a student who was choking on a piece of candy.   Ms. Wittmus’ heroic action is admired, and was recognized by the board, officers, firefighters, and community.

A 30 Year Service Award was presented to Chief Rick Massey for his significant, long-term dedication to New Melle Fire.  Leon Beier and Scott Repke were presented with 15 Year Service Awards.  Mike Day and Josh Ellis received 5 Year Service Awards.  Also of significant note, the New Melle Fire Auxiliary was recognized for its 10th birthday, and its numerous important contributions and service to both the department and community over those years.  Awards were then presented to those volunteers who had the highest response rates, i.e. responded to the most calls out of the total number of calls paged to the department.  Leon Beier was once again presented the award for the highest number of responses, a repeat performance of the last three years.   Other top responders, in order of response level, were John Schneider, Steve Elfrink, Dan Opfer, and John Loyd.  The commitment of all these individuals in the department’s service is very much appreciated.

Each year, New Melle FPD presents a Community Award of Excellence to an individual that has in some way made a notable service contribution to our immediate area.  This year the award was presented to the department’s own Michael Moore.  While also active in various other community roles, Mr. Moore has faithfully served the New Melle Fire Protection District Board in various capacities since 1986, and currently serves as President.  Under his leadership, the department has gone to a paid, full time organization, providing prompt, qualified service to its residents out of three station houses in the district.  His various forms of dedication and contribution to New Melle Fire are deeply appreciated by our community.

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