Help Us Help YOU!

For the most part, your family, friends, postal carrier, etc. know where you live. And when someone that has never been there before can’t find your house, time is usually no big deal; they can find a phone and call for directions.

But it CAN be a big deal if someone can’t find you quickly when a fire or a medical emergency occurs! Fire, ambulance, and police personnel who have never been to your house need to be able to locate you quickly when you call. If your home and/or mailbox does not CLEARLY show your address, it can delay vital emergency help to you or your neighbors. Minutes will seem like hours when you are waiting for help! Help us to find you by following these guidelines for posting your address on your home or business:

On roadside mailboxes:

SIZE: The larger the numbers, the better. Standing 6 feet away, 1″ letters may seem just fine to you, and be OK for the postman. But when an ambulance is rushing in at night to help a heart attack victim, 1″ letters are extremely difficult to see. A minimum of a 3″ reflective block-style (not script – too hard to read quickly) letter is recommended for mailboxes/posts.

VISIBILITY: Be certain that the color of your numbers contrasts with the color of your mailbox or post. Also make sure that decorations or flags do not obscure the numbers. If you live on a through street, an emergency vehicle could approach from either side, so number both sides of the mailbox or post.

On the building:

SIZE: Again, the bigger, the better. Since the house is farther from the street, use larger numbers than the mailbox; we recommend 4″-6″, contrasting color, no script or brass.

VISIBILITY: Again, ensure that no decorations or flags obscure the numbers.