New Melle Fire Rescue To Place New Rescue/Pumper In Service

New Melle Fire Rescue is nearly finished fitting out a new rescue/pumper unit to be put into service at its Station 3 at 295 Borgman Road in Lake Sherwood.  The new vehicle will assume the identity of its predecessor rescue/pumper unit, 8934, and will replace Station 3’s 20-year old 1994 Central States unit.  The new unit will become that station’s first-out truck.  Station 3’s apparatus and volunteers play an extremely active role in responding to and supporting incidents in our fire protection district, and also those in neighboring districts when mutual aid is requested in major incidents.

Rosenbrauer Rescue/Pumper replacing New Melle Fire Rescue Station 3’s 20-year old unit

The new apparatus purchase is part of a regular budgeted rotation of equipment to replace aging vehicles that have seen heavy usage, and that threaten the reliability required in critical responses.  The new unit is a 2012 Rosenbauer rescue/pumper.  Some of the features it incorporates are a 750 gallon onboard tank, 1500 gallon per minute rear pump, pre-connected rescue tools in front bumper, seating for five firefighters, light tower, Class A foam system, and “Green Star” reduced fuel consumption.  It will also be equipped with an on-board computer and GPS so as to automatically interface with the St. Charles County Dispatch Center.

The new vehicle was purchased as a demo unit from the manufacturer, yielding the district an approximate 25% cost savings.  The net replacement cost to the district will be further offset by the planned sale of another older rescue/pumper owned by the district.

The new Rosenbauer unit going into service at Station 3 will provide much greater reliability and increased functionality.  It will assist your firefighters in better serving residents and visitors of our district.