NMFPD Offers Opportunity to Provide Special Needs Info to Assist in Emergency Response

The New Melle Fire Protection District now has the capability to update the county dispatch system with specialized information that could prove highly useful in assisting responders in an emergency.

If you or a resident in your household has a special need or some mental/physical impairment or disability that might inhibit exiting your residence independently in an emergency, this would be important data for medical or fire responders to have in advance while en route to your location.  Also useful would be information on residents in the household who have mental conditions such that you believe it would be important to provide hints on how responders might best approach that resident in order to provide them with required medical care and prompt transport, if necessary.

If you wish to provide such information for you or a resident of your household, please call us at 828-5528.  We will then arrange for such confidential information, used only to facilitate assistance in emergencies, to be entered into the county dispatch system.  Then when an emergency call is received from your residence, such information will be transmitted by dispatchers to the responding emergency vehicles so that your loved ones can receive the specialized attention they might require.

Thanks for helping us to provide the highest level of service.