New Melle Fire

New Melle Fire Rescue Offers Free CPR Training Classes to Residents

Each year, over 600,000 Americans die from cardiovascular disease.  Nearly 300,000 people are treated by EMS crews for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in the United States each year.

The New Melle Fire Rescue periodically offers free Heartsaver CPR Adult/Child/Infant training classes to residents of its district.  Spots in the classes, when scheduled, are offered on a first-come basis, with a minimum age requirement of 16, and a requirement that the person reside within the New Melle FPD district.

Classes are conducted by one of New Melle Fire’s firefighter instructors.  The instruction takes place at NMFPD’s Station #1 located at 3705 Mill Street in New Melle.  You can call the Station House at 828-5528 to request a reservation for the next upcoming class, or make inquiries about special classes if the group size would merit such consideration.

New Melle Fire Rescue is grateful for generous donations made by local businesses such as Short Stop Convenience Store, Bavarian Smoke Haus, Fred Weber Quarry, and Karrenbrock Construction that help fund the CPR public instruction program, and enable offering the classes to the public free of charge.  Donations fund the purchase of CPR manikins, masks, and certificates.  Additional donations are always appreciated.

Remember….the following signs in a person can be signaling a current serious cardiac compromise; if you or someone you are with is exhibiting these types of signs, DIAL 911 immediatelydon’t take chances:

  • Persistent chest pain or pressure that lasts longer than 3-5 minutes, or goes away and then comes back
  • Chest pain that spreads to the shoulders, neck, jaw, or arms
  • Shortness of breath or trouble breathing
  • Sudden onset of sweating, with nausea or vomiting
  • Dizziness, light-headedness, or fainting
  • Pale, grayish, or bluish skin color
  • Sudden change to a highly irritable, anxious demeanor
  • Their denial of these signs
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